Warrington, PA

Look famous.
Be legendary.
Appear Complex.
Act easy.
Radiate presence.
Travel light.
Seem a dream.
Prove real.


Welcome the home page of Jeff and Karen Dodd of Warrington, Pennsylvania.

These pages will evolve as we have time to update them. The content is varied; blogs, travelogues, newsletters, photo albums and musings. Peruse Karen’s blog written during our 20th anniversary trip to France. I illustrated it with some sights along the way. Previous year’s Christmas newsletters and blogs have found a home on their own page in the library. My portfolio has moved to my business site, Jaded Duck Media Design. The button now links to Kerschner family pictures. We hope you enjoy our web pages and, as always, appreciate your feedback.

Becoming a business tycoon

Jeff has started his own small business, Jaded Duck Media Design, providing web and print design services and technology related business analysis.. A proper looking "storefront" has been created. It has several fancy features: a gallery and portal for customers. The pictures from his 30th high school reunion are still there but now down one level.

“Who are your clients?”

I have different responsibilities for different sites. Besides my own site, I develop and write substantially for one site, Cat Tales, Inc. I have had one client for several years, Letterco, and the new subsidiary, SignsMadeToOrder.com. I’ve been working on other sites, adding updates and suggesting content: Bux-Mont Foot & Ankle Care Centers and Mad Hatter Grooming. My dad’s web site, Dodd Interiors, is undergoing revision and my version should be up soon. There are some others in the pipeline that I should be able to share with you some day.

“When will this site be finished?”

Web sites are never done. They just continue to evolve.

Copyright ©2010, Jeff and Karen Dodd